July 2015

UMC Grace BrassSunday, July 5, 2015

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost


Scripture References


Sermon Podcast

How to Be Christians in a Red and Blue World, Romans 13:1-10, Rev. Rudy Tucker.

How do we live as Christians in a world divided into “red” and “blue” — and pulled against itself in so many other ways? Jesus taught his disciples how to be followers of “The Way” in this world. Every day, we seek to follow Jesus and to be citizens of his heavenly Kingdom, even as we dwell here on earth.


Brass & Woodwind Ensemble Music Videos

Song List

Brass ensemble music played Sunday, 5 JUL 15:
  • Prelude: America the Beautiful (Samuel A. Ward; arr. Dean W. Smith); Duration:  1 minute 28 seconds (or 48 sec. without repeat)
  • [No anthem, Communion Sunday]
  • Offertory: God of Our Fathers (George W. Warren, arr. Dean W. Smith); Duration: 2 min. 38 sec.
  • Benediction/Response: FWS 2191 – Eternal Father Strong to Save (John B. Dykes); Duration: 35 sec.
  • Postlude: Washington Post March (John Philip Sousa); Duration: 2 min. 43 sec.
  • Hymns:
    • Hymn # 698: God of the Ages
    • Hymn # 696: America the Beautiful
    • Hymn # 437: This is My Song


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