Why play an instrument

Here are some reasons to play an instrument from an article recently posted at https://drumsandguitar.com/lessons/benefits-playing-instrument/ :

  1. Contribute to the well-being of the church and community
  2. Reduce Stress
  3. Produce Patience and Perseverance
  4. Develop Music Appreciation
  5. Cultivate Creativity
  6. Use almost every part of the brain
  7. Strengthen your immune system
  8. Increase Time-Management Skills
  9. Increase Memory Capability
  10. Allow You to Share with Others
  11. Increase Emotional Perception
  12. Increase Personal Discipline
  13. Enlarge the Brain
  14. Breed Confidence
  15. Decrease Age-Related Hearing Loss
  16. Benefit the brains of babies
  17. Speed up Reaction Times